How to Improve Erection

April 2, 2017 Category: Erectile Dysfunction

Weak Erection – What is it?

Weak erection – very delicate problem, which is not accepted to speak out loud. However, erectile dysfunction is easier to treat at initial stage, because in neglected form it grows not only into physiological, but also psychological disease. About what methods of strengthening erection exist today, we will tell further.

Before we look at methods of eliminating insufficient erection, let’s see what influences erectile dysfunction development.

The main reasons for erection weakening include:

Physical fatigue and persistent quarrels can adversely affect erection state, and if you add improper nutrition, age changes and taking medications, then there can be no proper sexual life.

The cause of weakened erection can also become:

  • alcohol consumption;
  • drugs abuse;
  • masturbation.

Solving psychological problems of weakened erection will help good rest and conversations “heart to heart” with partner or psychologist. If you suspect that weakened potency is affected by incorrect way of living, then try to change it in favor of healthy one. Well, physiological problems affecting erection, can by corrected by the doctor only. Next, we’ll talk about the most common and effective methods that can enhance erection, which you can use yourself even at home.

Exercise to Improve Erection

Physical exercises stimulate testosterone secretion – hormone that is responsible for sexual desire. In this case, after the first session, testosterone level in the blood rises significantly. And everything happens because physical loading causes active blood flow to working muscle, there is effect on nerve plexuses – and endocrine glands function improves. Exercises, which we will present in today’s article, are borrowed from yoga.

Exercise One: “Grinding the Coccygeal Bone”

Lying on your back, bend your knees, place your hands behind your head and breathe your belly 12 times at fast pace. Then move pelvis 24 times to sides, simulating coccygeal grinding.

Exercise Two: “Plow”

Lie on your back to wall half a meter from it, place your hands along body, then lift your legs up and try to reach wall with socks. Lock position and slowly begin to move with your socks down. After reaching the “goal”, take a few deep breaths, then slowly bend your legs and return to starting position, relaxing body muscles.

Exercise Tree: “Cycle Hips”

Sit on chair face to back and circle pelvis. During exercise, it is necessary to breathe with stomach, and in exhalation to draw in anus. Pelvis cycle should be done very smoothly. Repeat exercise 8-16 times, then sit down and relax completely.

Exercise Four: “Cobra”

Lie on your stomach, bend your arms and put your hands on floor at level of your armpits, lifting your elbows up. Straighten legs and close, pull out socks. Next, on inspiration, slowly raise your head and, leaning on your hands, raise your shoulders. Hold your breath for a few seconds, throwing your head back. Now make a deep exhalation and lower your chest on your head, resting and relaxing your muscles. Repeat exercise 4-8 times.

Exercise Five: “Running in Place”

Stand at a distance half a step from wall, turning to face it, and lean your fingers on the wall. Now shift from foot to foot, without taking off socks from floor. Repeat movements for a minute.

Exercise Six: “Bow”

Lie on your stomach, bend your knees and raise them, holding your ankles with your hands. On exhalation, lift your legs up, and on inhalation – lower to initial position. If you can not get your hands on ankles – use belt or towel. Perform exercise at least 4 times.

Exercise Seven: “Oḍḍiyāna”

Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart. Take deep breath in your nose and exhale through your mouth, tilt body forward, press your hands to your hips and, hold your breath, draw lower abdomen. Next, pull your knees to your stomach, gather in your stomach and anus. Repeat exercise at least 3 times. Carrying out a set of exercises every day, you greatly enhance erectile function.

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