Risks of Buying Counterfeit Medicines in Online-Pharmacies

How to Find an Official Internet – Pharmacy

Today any medications, as well as other clothing items or products, furniture or house appliances, you can order in online stores. It’s very simple, fast and affordable – the main thing is to be able to find proper responsible seller who not only cares about his profits, but also strives to satisfy his customers, make a positive impression. Many people associate ordering pills online with risk of buying fakes, dangerous for health medicines. To find out, if a pharmacy offers real and safe pharmaceutical remedies, the composition of which is the same as claimed in specification, is possible.

If before you make order for drugs, you answered a lot of questions, and this pharmacy required to present a copy of prescription list for medicines, then probability that pills are fake is extremely small. These pharmacies usually collaborate with pharmaceutical companies that have license for medicines supply or themselves have a license for sale. To confirm presence of such license you can contact health ministry. There they can confirm whether such Internet-pharmacy can sell drugs. It is not very difficult to check this information once, but later you can make purchases in this pharmacy without fear for your health. Even online-pharmacies can provide certificates of products quality conformity, and buyer has a right to request such documentation.

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