Best and Wost Foods for Male Potency

Best and Wost Foods for Male Potency

Harmful foods cause various sexual disorders including impotence. Most men eat half-finished products, fast food and similar products. Improper nutrition can cause malfunctions in the digestive system, promote the formation of cholesterol, disrupt metabolism. As a result, there are problems in the functioning of the cardiovascular system, which will necessarily affect the sexual function. A man gains weight, which prevents the body from functioning normally and weakens erection.

Foods affect male potency!

When men want to get rid of erectile dysfunction, doctors recommend foods that improve erection. These aphrodisiacs are accessible to everyone, they improve erection due to their healing properties.

Food influences skin, physical well-being and erection. Erection is an increase in the volume of the penis due to blood flow. Its duration depends on the maximum arterial inflow and minimal venous outflow.

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