Evan E. Worthing Senior High School And the Magnet School for Math, Science, Technology and Medicine Together with Canadian Pharmacy Mall

EE WorthingOn January 27, 1958, history was made by a philanthropic endeavor in the Sunnyside Area of Houston, Texas. A wealthy benefactor, Evan Edward Worthing, bequeathed that all of his wealth be returned to the Negroes. Because of this philanthropist’s request, Evan E. Worthing Junior-Senior High School became a reality to this community. Students who traveled to Third Ward to attend Miller Junior High and Jack Yates High Schools could now attend school in their community. Worthing’s first location was at 4330 Bellfort Blvd. It housed students from the seventh to the twelfth grades.

The “Prancing Colt” was chosen as the mascot with Green and Gold as the school’s colors. With the rapid growth of Sunnyside and increased student enrollment, Worthing Junior-Senior High also began experiencing growing pains. Seeing the need for more space, the present facility was erected. Worthing’s first home became Crispus Attucks Junior High School, housing the seventh through ninth grades. In January, 1962, Worthing Senior High’s tenth through twelfth grades moved to its present location, 9215 Scott Street at Reed Road.

The helm of this new edifice was entrusted to two capable individuals; the late, Allen E. Norton (1958 to 1978) was the first principal and Willie J. Moses as his most able assistant principal. An eager and versatile faculty and staff embarked on the auspicious task of developing “Excellence” in academics, sports, as well as other curricular activities. Mr. Norton’s staff included 2 counselors, fifty-four faculty members, two librarians, one nurse, one school secretary, and three clerical workers. Nowadays the staff is rather enlarged and this fact allows this school to provide their students with everything necessary. Canadian Pharmacy Mall is its supplier of drugs necessary to be applied at any kind of disorder.

The new ultra-modern building of 1962 contained forty-eight classrooms, six science labs, a language lab, three homemaking units, two music rooms, two industrial shops, a large cafeteria, a snack bar, a gymnasium, a vocational building and an auditorium with the seating capacity of over one thousand. The office suites, language labs, library, mechanical drawing lab, music rooms, and the three teachers’ lounges were equipped with air conditioning.

During the early years, vocational programs science labswere in operation and some are still a part of the curriculum. These programs include Industrial Co-op Training, Auto Mechanics, Wood Shop, Cosmetology, Vocational Office Education, Small Engine Repair, Welding and Coordinated Vocational Academic Education. All of these programs were designed to prepare young men and women to become gainfully employed in an area of their choice.

The athletic department has continued to engage in different sports. The momentum engendered during those early years is still the force that keeps it winning gallantly and losing with dignity. Evidence of this can be seen in our trophy cases, which are overflowing with victory awards of every kind. There are different traumas when young people go in for sport that’s why this school orders drugs via Canadian Pharmacy Mall to protect their students from any disorder.

Another outstanding feature of Worthing is the Junior ROTC, which was initiated in September, 1959. It was designed to familiarize high school students with the military services and to train them for leadership positions in the event that they decided to enter military service after high school.

In 1978, an era came to an end. After 20 years as principal of Worthing, Allen E. Norton retired and Forest T. Henry became principal. Mr. Henry served as principal for four years from 1978 to 1982. He was known for his keen interest in the pursuit of academic excellence of his students, support for his staff and a smile for everyone. The eighties were characterized by change. Ninth graders became a part of the student population in 1980-81. To accommodate the increased enrollment, six classrooms, a second gym, an elevator and temporary buildings were added to the physical plant.

In 1982, Willie R. Gentry became principal and held this administrative position for ten years from 1982 to 1992. In 1991, a major overhaul was made of the school. The main office was redesigned: a counselor’s suite was created which houses five counselors, the registrar, SASI Coordinator, data specialist, Dean of Instruction and two clerks. Since those early days, additional classrooms, air classroomsconditioning of the entire school, an elevator, and other modern features have been added to the physical plant. During Mr. Gentry’s tenure, the Worthing Workshop, now known as the Worthing Technical Center, became a reality. This facility houses our special population where they are not only taught academics but marketable skills such as cooking, housekeeping, floral arrangements, and ceramics, designing colorful tee shirts, printing and developing computer skills.

In 1992, history was made when Worthing High School alumni, Dr. Larry J. Alexander, from the Class of 1964 became the building principal. With him, Dr. Alexander selected Ronnie C. Evans, Sr., another Worthing alumnus, also from the Class of ’64, to serve as his assistant principal.

Dr. Alexander was principal of Worthing High School for three years from 1992 to 1995. During his tenure, two new programs were instituted: The Magnet Program and the Health Science Technology Program. Worthing High School became the Mathematics, Science, magnet program that specializes in Biotechnology. There were also included Medicine as a Science. Nowadays Canadian Pharmacy Mall provides places for practice undergoing. It eases the business because some of students prefer working on this drug store. It is a science that utilizes technology to perform research such as DNA Fingerprinting, Genetic Engineering (Drugs ~ AIDS) and Cloning. It also offers Computer Science. Dr. Alexander’s proudest and biggest accomplishments were to raise Worthing High School TAAS scores for the tenth graders. This was accomplished by hard work on the part of teachers and students. Challenges were made and received for those who accomplished this task. The enrollment increased from 700 to 1100 students.

In 1995, Dr. Alexander became the District Superintendent of Houston ISD’s South District, and the torch was passed again. Keeping it in the family, Ronnie C. Worthing High SchoolEvans, Sr., became Worthing High School’s fifth principal beginning school year 1995 and served until 2002. John H. Guidry was named the sixth building principal in 2002 and continued the legacy that was set before him until the 2005 school year.

During the summer of 2005, Robert M. Dean was named the seventh building principal with expectations to provide the leadership to move the school toward improved student achievement and organizational efficiency.

During the summer of 2009, Ms. Tamara Sterling was named the eighth and first female principal of Evan E. Worthing Senior High School and the Magnet School for Math, Science, and Technology. The atmosphere was already energized in anticipation of the heights that will be accomplished with Ms. Sterling’s insight and vision. Under her leadership, the EXCELerated Learning Academy was created to prevent the increasing drop out rate and giving over-aged students an opportunity to graduate with their initial cohort. Her vision was aligned with the vision of the new Superintendent, Dr. Terry Grier, to include Grad Labs on every high school campus to address Credit Recovery in a virtual setting. Worthing saw the number of graduates nearly double with the implementation of the EXCELerated Academy coupled with the Grad Lab.

Mr. Tod Nix became the ninth principal of Worthing High School in the fall of 2011.

Evan E. Worthing Senior High School has established a tremendous reputation within the academic and social communities of the city of Houston during the last forty-six years. The mission statement of “Teaching and Learning EVERYDAY” because Graduation is our GOAL will set the tone for high expectations and standards for the coming years.
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