Evan E. Worthing Senior High School Vision and Mission, Medical Maintenance Feat Canadan Pharmacy Mall

EXEMPLARY SCHOOLOur vision for Worthing is that it will be an EXEMPLARY SCHOOL, which will provide students with the skills necessary for successful transition to the next phase of their lives, ensuring that they have the literacy skills to become productive citizens in their personal lives as well as in the community. The vision that we have embraced for our school community will continue to strengthen the social and economic foundation of Houston by ensuring the students of Evan E. Worthing Senior High School get the highest-quality secondary education available anywhere!

Our mission is to provide a safe school climate that nutures personal and academic growth.

Inherent in our mission is the on-going training of teachers in the most effective instructional methods and strategies for engaging students in the learning process. Equally important, our mission includes parental and community involvement in operation of the school and in the education of the children.

We try to provide our students with everything necessary for example to provide them with medical maintenance. They order drugs for this maintenance via Canadian Pharmacy Mall. They know they are responsible for their students’ health.