Outcomes of Physician-Diagnosed COPD and Its Association With Smoking Among Urban and Rural Residents in Regional Mainland China

nonsmokersThere were a total of 29,319 survey respondents from 15,300 households. The response rate among adults in the selected villages was 90.1%. There were no significant differences in terms of demographic variables between respondents and those who did not take part in this survey. The final sample was representative of the municipality by age, gender, and residential area. Urban and rural residents consisted of 67.7% and 32.3%, respectively. Moreover, 49.7% were men and 50.3% were women. The demographic characteristics of the participants are shown in Tables 1 and 2. The average pack-years of cigarettes smoked was 7,688 for urban smokers and 9,671 for rural smokers. Male smokers consumed 8,477 cigarettes on average, while female smokers consumed 7,045 cigarettes on average.

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